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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
— A coordinated international action to accelerate Genome to Phenome

Metadata and Data Sharing (M&DS) Committee

The objective of the Metadata and Data Sharing committee is to recommend standard methods to record information for all samples, experiments and analyses carried out by FAANG consortium members; recommend best practice for data archiving; and define data sharing methodologies that encourage sharing within the FAANG consortium and rapid public release of raw data and analysis results.

The M&DS committee will meet monthly to discuss these issues and define and update the metadata standards.

The expected outcomes are:

  1. Metadata standard documents to assist FAANG members to define sample, experimental and analysis metadata. These documents will highlight both required fields and recommended additional info.
  2. A guidance document for archive submission of sample records and experimental and analysis data.
  3. Data sharing facilities for both within consortium sharing and public release.
  4. Work with the Analysis and Samples/Assays committees to ensure the metadata and data sharing standards meet the scientific needs of FAANG.
  5. Contribute to organised scientific dissemination to the whole community.
Current versions of the FAANG metadata standards:
  1. Metadata overview (current version) - This gives an overview of the principles behind the FAANG metadata standards and how our standards are structured.
  2. Sample metadata (current version) - This gives an overview of our guidelines for sample metadata. This includes details for both donor animals and tissue, primary cell or cell line preparations.
  3. Experiment metadata (current version) - This gives an overview of our guidelines for experiment metadata. This includes details for the different library preparation steps and sequencing assays.
  4. Analysis metadata (current version) - This gives an overview of our analysis metadata. This includes details for different bioinformatic analysis types.
You can follow the most recent updates to our metadata specifications and suggest improvements through the faang metadata git repo.




  • You have to sign up to become a FAANG member, accepting the principles and guidelines as set forth in the "FAANG Data Sharing Statement", in order to participate.
  • After login as a member, you will have options to join a working group.


( Chairs of the group )
  • Abasht, Behnam
  • Adetula, Adeyinka abiola
  • Afuwape, Olusola
  • Almathen, Faisal
  • Amaral, Andreia
  • Anthon, Christian
  • Archibald, Alan
  • Billis, Konstantinos
  • Brockmann, Gudrun
  • Bush, Stephen
  • Canovas, Angela
  • Chamberlain, Amanda
  • Chanthavixay, Kelly
  • Clark, Emily
  • Crooijmans, Richard
  • Djebali, Sarah
  • Do , Ngoc duy
  • Elsik, Christine
  • Espinosa-carrasco, Jose
  • Fairley, Susan
  • Fan, Jun
  • Farre belmonte, Marta
  • Finlayson, Heather
  • Finno, Carrie
  • Flicek, Paul
  • Giuffra, Elisabetta
  • Gorodkin, Jan
  • Hansen, Mathias
  • Harrison, Peter 
  • Herrera uribe, Juber leonardo
  • Hu, Xiaoxiang
  • Hue, Isabelle
  • Hunter, Christopher
  • Jiang, Zhihua
  • Junge, Alexander
  • Kadarmideen, Haja
  • Kantanen, Juha
  • Keel, Brittney
  • Kern, Colin
  • Kim, Heebal
  • Kim, Heui-soo
  • Klonjkowski, Bernard
  • Kostadima, Myrto
  • Kumar, Bharani
  • Lemay, Danielle
  • Lewandowska-sabat, Anna
  • Lien, Sigbjorn
  • Liu, Shikai
  • Liu, Wansheng
  • Lowy, Ernesto
  • Lyons, Leslie
  • Macleod, James
  • Marchitelli, Cinzia
  • Marthey, Sylvain
  • Massa, Alisha
  • Mateescu, Raluca
  • Megens, Hendrik-jan
  • Miar, Younes
  • Mienaltowski, Michael
  • Mungall, Chris
  • Munyard, Kylie
  • Namciu, Stephanie
  • Naveen kumar, Gs
  • Nguyen, Quan
  • Ommeh, Sheila
  • Pacholewska, Alicja
  • Pena, Romi
  • Pfenning, Andreas
  • Pokharel, Kisun
  • Popoola, Mustapha
  • Pourjam, Mohsen
  • Putnam, Hollie
  • Radosavljevic, Vladimir
  • Ravi, Janani
  • Reecy, James
  • Reed, Kent
  • Richardson, David
  • Rosen, Benjamin
  • Rowan, Troy
  • Rubin, Carl-johan
  • Sadr, Ayeh
  • Salavati, Mazdak
  • Salem, Mohamed (moh)
  • Schmidt, Carl 
  • Schroeder, Steven
  • Sokolov, Alexey
  • Song, Jiuzhou
  • Streeter, Ian
  • Suravajhala, Prashanth n
  • Thomsen, Bo
  • Tosser-klopp, Gwenola
  • Trakooljul, Nares
  • Tuggle, Christopher
  • Vik, Jon olav
  • Vilkki, Johanna
  • Wang, Yuzhe
  • Watson, Mick
  • Wimmers, Klaus
  • Worley, Kim
  • Yates, Andrew
  • Young, Rachel
  • Zerbino, Daniel
  • Zhou, Huaijun
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