CRI-MAP (version 2.4, by Phil Green et al, 1990) has been used extensively in the past 20 years for genetic linkage analysis of diploid species, and has played a fundamental role in producing genetic linkage maps for humans, rats, mouse, fruit flies, cattle, sheep, pigs, chicken, fish, among many other species. However, both the number of genetic markers and the pedigree sizes commonly used today greatly exceed the capacity that the original version of CRI-MAP handled. Therefore improvements have been made so that CRI-MAP can better handle large pedigrees with large numbers of markers on modern hardware. Please note that whilst this is an improved version of CRI-MAP that there are still problems handling large pedigrees with large numbers of bi-allelic markers particularly when there are lots of missing parental and grandparental genotypes. The improvements are still ongoing so please fill out the CRI-MAP usage form and submit an e-mail address so that you can be notified of future improvements or bugs.


Provide a faster, more efficient and more robust CRI-MAP for the genetics research community.


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  • Converted to C++
  • Better memory usage
  • Faster
  • Handles larger pedigrees
  • Handles more markers
  • Improvements in the pipeline

  • Parallelisation for use on multi-cpu machines
  • New map building algorithm for use with large data sets
  • Better pedigree handling
  • User Tools

  • Software repository

  • CRI-MAP User Forum
  • User References

    Bug report

    The improvements of CRI-MAP were made by Ian Evans and Jill Maddox. The project to date has been partly funded by SheepGenomics , the joint initiative of Meat and Livestock Australia ( and Australian Wool Innovation ( Future improvements will be partly funded by a USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative grant
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