CRI-MAP Users Group
The purpose of this user forum is to support the CRI-MAP improvements.
  1. To receive feedbacks/bug reports on using the improved CRI-MAP.
  2. To announce the release of new versions of improved CRI-MAP.
  3. To share experiences and codes on using improved CRI-MAP.

Membership of the list is open to anyone with an interest in using and helping to improve CRI-MAP.

Only subscribed users (with their email addresses) can post to the list and receive list mails. You can manage your subscription with email commands to the list daemon. For example, to subscribe to the CRI-MAP-support listserv, send mail as in:

      Subject: subscribe
Upon successful subscription, the listserv will send you further information about the list, instructions to use the system for tasks such as how to post, to manage your subscriptions to retrieve the previous posts, etc.

Contact: Dr. Jill Maddox (email:



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