Table 1

U.S. Pig Genome Coordination Program
Distributed Fluorescent Primers

Updated: May 21, 1998

NOTE 1.Primers are ordered on the chromosomal map starting from the tip of short arm (p) to the tip of long (q) arm within a chromosome. Clicking on the marker name will bring you more information about the marker.
2.For each primer pair in Set III, Set IV and Set V, only the forward primer is labeled with fluorescent dye. Fluorescent labeled primer information for Sets I/II are indicated along with detailed primer information (click on marker name).
3.The suggested multiplex groups are based on information kindly provided by Rohrer et al. "Mapping 28 erythrocyte antigen, plasma protein and enzyme polymorphisms using an efficient genomic scan of the porcine genome" (Animal Genetics, 28:323-330).
4.All primers were made and therefore available in groups. Clicking on the group name will bring you the primer set information.
5.Operon recommendation for storage: It is recommended that the oligos be brought up in a slightly basic solution (i.e. pH=8). If they are brought up at pH<7 (deionized water is pH=5), it has been shown that the oligo can begin to degrade as soon as within a couple of weeks.

Chromosomal LocationsMarker Name1Fluorescent
PCR Annealing TemperatureMultiplex Group3Primer Set4

Chr. 1SW1824Tet6028Set IV
Chr. 1SW552Hex60-Set VI
Chr. 1SW1515Hex6034Set V
Chr. 1SW64Tet58-Set I/II
Chr. 1S0316Fam62-Set V
Chr. 1SW1851Tet62-Set III
Chr. 1SW2130Tet60-Set VI
Chr. 1CGAHex55-Set I/II
Chr. 1SW781Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 1SW2035Fam60-Set VI
Chr. 1SW2185Fam55-Set IV
Chr. 1S0313Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 1S0113Tet60-Set I/II
Chr. 1SWR982Fam58-Set VI
Chr. 1S0155Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 1SW974Fam589Set IV
Chr. 1S0320Tet58-Set V
Chr. 1S0112Tet5546Set I/II
Chr. 1S0056Hex58-Set V
Chr. 1SW1301Fam5826Set IV

Chr. 2SW2443Hex62-Set III
Chr. 2SW2623Tet6041Set IV
Chr. 2SW256Fam62-Set I/II
Chr. 2SWR1910Hex65-Set VI
Chr. 2SWR783Tet62-Set III
Chr. 2S0141Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 2SW240Tet5540Set I/II
Chr. 2SW1201Tet58-Set IV
Chr. 2SW1564Fam58-Set V
Chr. 2SW1026Tet6044Set IV
Chr. 2SW395Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 2SW1883Tet58-Set VI
Chr. 2S0010Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 2S0226Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 2SWR2157Hex6031Set IV
Chr. 2SW2514Hex62-Set III
Chr. 2S0378Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 2SW2192Hex6510Set IV
Chr. 2S0036Hex5813Set III

Chr. 3SW274Tet60-Set IV
Chr. 3SW2021Tet65-Set VI
Chr. 3SW72Fam58-Set I/II
Chr. 3SWR1637Hex65-Set IV
Chr. 3S0206Fam60-Set I/II
Chr. 3SW2618Hex5849Set IV
Chr. 3SW902Fam5541Set I/II
Chr. 3S0164Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 3SW2570Tet58-Set V
Chr. 3S0216Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 3SW2408Fam5811Set IV
Chr. 3S0002Hex62-Set I/II
Chr. 3SW1327Fam58-Set VI
Chr. 3SW349Hex62-Set IV
Chr. 3S0165Fam62-Set III

Chr. 4S0011Hex55-Set V
Chr. 4SW2404Hex6233Set III
Chr. 4S0227Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 4SW489Hex55-Set VI
Chr. 4S0301Fam5511Set I/II
Chr. 4S0001Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 4SW35Fam58-Set III
Chr. 4SW839Fam62-Set III
Chr. 4S0217Tet62-Set III
Chr. 4S0073Fam55-Set III
Chr. 4S0214Tet5532Set I/II
Chr. 4SW445Tet58-Set III
Chr. 4S0097Tet58-Set I/II
Chr. 4SW856Tet6248Set IV

Chr. 5SW491Tet60-Set VI
Chr. 5SW1482Tet55-Set III
Chr. 5SWR453Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 5SW2425Tet5836Set V
Chr. 5SW2Fam55-Set III
Chr. 5SW1134Tet60-Set III
Chr. 5S0005Tet58-Set I/II
Chr. 5SW1468Tet552Set IV
Chr. 5SW152Fam62-Set VI
Chr. 5SW1200Fam6043Set IV
Chr. 5IGF1Fam58-Set I/II
Chr. 5SW995Fam5821Set III
Chr. 5SW378Tet6045Set III
Chr. 5SW967Hex5843Set I/II

Chr. 6S0099Fam68-Set V
Chr. 6S0035Fam65-Set III
Chr. 6SW2406Tet5842Set III
Chr. 6SW1353Hex58-Set V
Chr. 6SW1841Fam58-Set VI
Chr. 6SW1057Hex58-Set I/II
Chr. 6S0087Tet5832Set I/II
Chr. 6SW1067Hex60-Set VI
Chr. 6S0220Fam60-Set I/II
Chr. 6SW122Fam5553Set I/II
Chr. 6SW316Hex58-Set III
Chr. 6S0003Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 6S0228Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 6SW1881Fam5829Set IV
Chr. 6SW322Tet6252Set III
Chr. 6SW2419Tet5854Set III

Chr. 7SW2564Tet58-Set VI
Chr. 7S0025Fam5516Set I/II
Chr. 7SWR1343Fam60-Set IV
Chr. 7SW1354Tet5824Set IV
Chr. 7S0064Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 7SW1369Hex6023Set IV
Chr. 7SW472Tet58-Set III
Chr. 7S0102Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 7SW175Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 7S0066Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 7SW352Tet55-Set III
Chr. 7SW632Tet58-Set I/II
Chr. 7S0101Hex6025Set I/II
Chr. 7S0212Fam55-Set III
Chr. 7SW764Tet6047Set III

Chr. 8SW2410Hex55-Set III
Chr. 8S0098Tet65-Set V
Chr. 8SW905Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 8SW1702Tet60-Set IV
Chr. 8SWR1101Fam62-Set VI
Chr. 8SW1029Hex6030Set IV
Chr. 8S0017Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 8S0086Fam5535Set I/II
Chr. 8S0069Hex62-Set IV
Chr. 8S0225Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 8SW763Hex628Set IV
Chr. 8SW1312Hex58-Set VI
Chr. 8SW61Hex5565Set I/II
Chr. 8OPN (SPP1)Hex60-Set I/II
Chr. 8S0178Tet58-Set I/II

Chr. 9SW983Hex6041Set III
Chr. 9SW21Hex606Set III
Chr. 9S0024Hex55-Set V
Chr. 9SW911Fam5554Set I/II
Chr. 9SWR1848Tet60-Set VI
Chr. 9SW2401Fam5846Set IV
Chr. 9SW940Hex58-Set III
Chr. 9SW54Fam63-Set V
Chr. 9SW539Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 9S0019Hex55-Set III
Chr. 9S0295Fam58-Set III
Chr. 9SW2093Tet6255Set VI
Chr. 9SW174Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 9SW749Tet58-Set III

Chr. 10SW830Fam555Set I/II
Chr. 10S0038Hex62-Set III
Chr. 10SW249Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 10SW1894Hex58-Set V
Chr. 10SW497Fam584Set IV
Chr. 10SWC19Hex5828Set IV
Chr. 10SW173Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 10S0070Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 10SW1041Hex58-Set III
Chr. 10SW920Fam5546Set I/II
Chr. 10SW951Hex58-Set I/II
Chr. 10SW1626Tet62-Set V
Chr. 10SW2067Hex55-Set III

Chr. 11S0385Hex55-Set III
Chr. 11SW1460Fam5842Set VI
Chr. 11SW2008Hex60-Set III
Chr. 11S0182Fam50-Set V
Chr. 11S0071Hex5523Set I/II
Chr. 11SW435Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 11S0230Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 11S0386Tet48-Set I/II
Chr. 11S0009Fam5540Set I/II
Chr. 11SW1377Tet60-Set V
Chr. 11SW703Hex5836Set IV
Chr. 11SW2413Fam62-Set IV

Chr. 12SW2490Hex5825Set IV
Chr. 12S0143Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 12S0229Fam58-Set IV
Chr. 12SW957Hex5818Set III
Chr. 12S0083Hex58-Set V
Chr. 12SW874Hex5537Set I/II
Chr. 12SW168Hex62-Set VI
Chr. 12S0090Fam554Set I/II
Chr. 12SW1962Fam60-Set VI
Chr. 12S0106Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 12SW605Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 12SWR1021Hex60-Set IV

Chr. 13S0219Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 13SWR1941Tet62-Set IV
Chr. 13SW935Tet5812Set IV
Chr. 13SW344Tet55-Set V
Chr. 13SW864Fam6030Set IV
Chr. 13SWr1008Hex62-Set I/II
Chr. 13S0068Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 13SW225Tet55-Set III
Chr. 13SW398Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 13SW1056Tet6250Set I/II
Chr. 13SW2440Tet55-Set VI
Chr. 13S0289Fam62-Set V
Chr. 13SW769Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 13S0215Hex5522Set I/II

Chr. 14SW857Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 14SW1125Tet6030Set IV
Chr. 14SW295Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 14SW2612Tet6034Set IV
Chr. 14SW210Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 14SW63Hex62-Set VI
Chr. 14S0007Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 14SW77Hex62-Set V
Chr. 14SW761Tet60-Set III
Chr. 14SW1557Tet58-Set III
Chr. 14SW2515Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 14SWC27Fam5815Set IV

Chr. 15S0355Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 15SW1204Hex58-Set III
Chr. 15S0004Hex55-Set III
Chr. 15SW1111Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 15SW964Tet587Set IV
Chr. 15S0088Tet58-Set IV
Chr. 15SW1683Tet589Set IV
Chr. 15SW936Fam58-Set I/II
Chr. 15SW906Tet55-Set I/II
Chr. 15SW1983Hex553Set IV
Chr. 15SW1262Fam60-Set VI
Chr. 15SW1119Hex6052Set I/II

Chr. 16S0111Hex5812Set IV
Chr. 16SW742Hex60-Set III
Chr. 16S0006Tet58-Set III
Chr. 16S0298Tet60-Set III
Chr. 16S0026Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. 16SW2517Fam5840Set IV
Chr. 16SW1897Fam6213Set V
Chr. 16S0061Hex55-Set I/II

Chr. 17SW335Tet5529Set IV
Chr. 17SWr1004Fam60-Set I/II
Chr. 17SW24Tet58-Set I/II
Chr. 17S0296Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 17SW2441Fam581Set IV
Chr. 17SW840Fam53-Set I/II
Chr. 17SW1920Tet5815Set VI
Chr. 17SW1031Fam5823Set IV
Chr. 17S0014Tet60-Set III
Chr. 17SW2431Fam6051Set IV

Chr. 18SW1808Hex6014Set VI
Chr. 18SW1023Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 18SW787Fam55-Set I/II
Chr. 18S0120Fam58-Set III
Chr. 18SWR414Tet55-Set IV

Chr. XSW949Tet5817Set III
Chr. XSW980Fam5527Set I/II
Chr. XSW2534Hex6045Set IV
Chr. XSW2126Tet55-Set VI
Chr. XSW2470Hex5842Set IV
Chr. XSW2456Hex581Set III
Chr. XSWR1861Hex50-Set V
Chr. XSW2476Hex62-Set III
Chr. XSW1943Tet62-Set V
Chr. XSW1608Fam5812Set VI
Chr. XSW707Hex55-Set I/II
Chr. XS0218Tet558Set I/II
Chr. XSW2588Fam6233Set IV

To request fluorescent primers, please contact:
Max F. Rothschild
U.S. Pig Genome Coordinator
2255 Kildee Hall
Department of Animal Science
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011
Phone: 515-294-6202
Fax: 515-294-2401
and indicate which primer set you are requesting. For information about each primer set, click on the Set number in the column to the right of the Table 1 (above). Please be aware of the fact that the availability of the older primer sets is limited. To know more about the flurosecent primer sets provided by the U.S. Pig Genome Coordination Program, go to the general description page.
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