U.S. Pig Genome Coordination Program
Distributed Fluorescent Primers

Updated on October 28, 2001

A new set of 50 pig microsatellite diversity primer pairs is available. This set of primers was made in response to requests and suggestions concerning pig diversity research and selected from markers across all 19 pig chromosomes. These were suggested by several people and should work nicely to study diversity in different breeds. Visit Table 11 for further information on this primer set. The total number of fluorescent primer pairs distributed by the U.S. Pig Genome Coordinator is now 559 pairs (Table 1; All markers are ordered by chromosomal locations) which includes nine fluorescent primer sets:

Set I63 primer pairsTable 2Feburary, 19960
Set II33 primer pairsTable 2September, 19960
Set III52 primer pairsTable 3August, 1997
September 2001
Set IV53 primer pairsTable 4March, 19980
Set V24 primer pairsTable 5May, 19980
Set VI28 primer pairsTable 6September, 19980
Set VII51 primer pairsTable 7December, 19980
Set VIII73 primer pairsTable 8May, 19990
Set IX91 primer pairsTable 9January, 20000
Set X41 primer pairsTable 10April, 20010
Set XI (diversity) 50 primer pairsTable 11October, 20010

Criteria used for the marker selection and priorities given for the marker selected:

  1. Even coverage of the entire length of the porcine genome; (So far we have at least one marker every 5-10cM on each chromosome).
  2. Those physically anchored ones;
  3. Those closest to and around interesting known coding genes/QTLs.
  4. Those recommended/ requested by the swine gene mapping coordination project participants;
  5. The PCR product sizes and fluorescent dyes have been chosen in such a way so that multiplexing is possible.

The availability of older sets is limited. To request fluorescent primers, please either:

  1. Use the online form to fill out your request (recommend),


  2. Contact the U.S. Pig Genome Coordinator Max Rothschild at the address given below, and be sure to provide the following: (1) which primer set you request; (2) your complete postal address (NOT a P.O.Box); (3) your day-time phone number and (4) a signed copy of the Disclaimer and Terms of Use of Primers.
       To:      Max F. Rothschild
                2255 Kildee Hall
                Department of Animal Science
                Iowa State University
                Ames, Iowa 50011
                Phone: 515-294-6202              
                Fax:   515-294-2401
                Email: mfrothsc@iastate.edu

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